The Little Things Matter

The Little Things Matter

When trying to start a new habit, it's easy to get discouraged if you don't see results immediately. But the truth is, even the smallest amount of progress is still progress.

That's why I'm a big believer in the "smallest unit of progress" method. This is the idea that you should set your sights on making the smallest possible amount of progress each day.

For example, if you want to start working out, you might start by doing just one push-up per day. Or, if you want to learn a new language, you might start by reading just one page of a language learning book per day.

The key is to make the goal so small that it's almost impossible to fail. That way, you're more likely to stick with it, and you'll still be making progress even if you don't see it right away.

Of course, one push-up or one page per day isn't going to transform you overnight. But over time, even the smallest amount of progress can add up to big results.

So if you're feeling stuck in a rut, or if you're trying to start a new habit, I encourage you to give the smallest unit of progress method a try. It just might be the key to success.

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